About Lab-Vent controls

Lab-Vent Controls A/S was established in Aarhus, Denmark in 1995 by Henning Rasmussen, who still runs the company today. The company was established with the main objective to develop, produce and install systems for laboratory ventilation. Since the founding of the company, the systems have been extended for use in operating rooms, clean rooms and GMO laboratories (Genetically Modified Organisms).
Lab-Vent Controls are geographically based with offices in Aarhus (headquarters) and in Bagsværd outside Copenhagen. Lab-Vent Controls has technicians available all over DK, but we also take in assignments abroad.

After several years of close cooperation with electrical installation company Koldt & Ryø A/S in Bagsværd, Lab-Vent Controls acquired in 2010 Koldt & Ryø which is Lab-Vent Controls' office on Sjælland today.
Koldt & Ryø A/S is an electrical installation company, who is specialized in automatic ventilation systems. The partnership between Koldt & Ryø A/S (then IBK Electrical Engineering, established in 1987) and Lab-Vent Controls started in 1996.

Since the start of the collaboration, Koldt & Ryø has been the primary supplier of electrical installations for Lab-Vent controls.
By the acquisition of Koldt & Ryø A/S in 2010 there were 7 employees. Lab-Vent Controls A/S has today over 20 employees in the company's two offices. Koldt & Ryø A/S still exist under their original name.