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Lab-Vent Controls A/S produces and installs control systems and alarms for ventilation systems in laboratories and operating rooms

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Our control systems for fume cupboards secure optimal safety and an efficient operation. The control systems regulate the airflow in the fume cupboard according to the users’ safety needs and adjust the air supply accordingly. This ensures optimal utilization of energy without compromising the safety of the user.

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LV panel - Lab-Vent

Programmable control system for Laboratory Ventilation

Our systems are based on a programmable microprocessor.
A programmable microprocessor ensures a great flexibility of the system. It is easy to regulate several fume cupboards in the same room and to integrate various other exhaust components in the laboratories, such as LAF-benches, while maintaining the required air balance.

Pressure control of laboratories, clean-rooms, GMO-labs and operating rooms

Pressure control in laboratories, clean rooms, GMO lab and operating rooms. The control systems can be extended to include components that ensure a certain over- or underpressure in the laboratories. This technology can also be used in operating rooms to maintain a level of overpressure in the room to minimise the risk of impurities in the operating room.


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