Energy Saver

The advantages are: Lab-Vent Controls has developed the Energy Saver, which is a new, energy-saving system that can be used on both new and existing fume cupboards.
The Energy Saver is targeted the environmentally conscious and cost aware user.
The primary function of the Energy Saver is to close the fume cupboard sash, when the cupboard is not in use. A sensor on the cupboard detects activity in front of the fume cupboard, and when there is no activity for a given period of time, the system closes the fume cupboard sash automatically. To ensure that any items placed in the fume cupboard opening will not be damaged when the system closes the sash, the system has a detection mechanism that registers if the sash is facing resistance when closing. If the sash meets an item in the fume cupboard opening it will stop.

The Energy Saver can be customised according to the individual customer’s needs and wants.
The Energy Saver is not just good for the environment – it will also be a god investment. According to calculations made by independent consulting engineers of NNE Pharmaplan, the investment payback time is 2 years with normal usage.

  • Significant savings in operating costs
  • Good investment
  • Does not compromise on safety
  • Strengthen your image as an environmentally conscious company

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