Continuous product and organisational development have always been key areas of focus for Lab-Vent Controls to ensure the company’s competitive advantage. Product development takes place at the company headquarters in Aarhus. The development is based on both our own ambitions to secure a contemporary product portfolio, as well as on the needs of our customers and partners. In order to remain a leader in the market it is central for Lab-Vent Controls to continue the solid development, thus ensuring intelligent and contemporary product solutions.

The ability to offer energy saving products and solutions to our customers is another central area of focus for Lab-Vent Controls. In autumn 2010, the company’s latest energy-saving initiative was launched: The newly developed automatic window closing system, the Energy Saver. This system is an intelligent detection system, which ensures that the sash of the fume cupboard closes automatically, when the user is not active in front of the fume cupboard – and thereby minimising energy consumption. In the detection system there is an integrated safety feature that ensures that equipment placed in the cupboard opening will not be damaged, when the sash closes.

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