Lab-vent Controls A/S - Service

To ensure the fume cupboards always works and have the greatest possible safety for users, the fume cupboards are serviced once a year. Our service engineers are available for this task.
To ensure unintended stops and dangerous conditions for the users, we can offer an annual service inspection of the fume cupboards incl. dampers or fans. We offer a service contract where we, after the conclusion of the contract, automatically contact you, once a year, to arrange a time for the service.

The service includes:

  • The measurement of air velocity in the door opening at the minimum and maximum positions
  • The airflow and the maximum panel height adjusted as needed, so the settings comply with the requirements
  • Hatch-sensor LVL 901 will be inspected for mechanical defects
  • Speed ​​sensor LVF 901, located at the top of the cabinets should be checked annually for dirt and, if necessary, clean it with a soft brush. The alarm function is then checked
  • The control panel LVP901V / LVP901H is function tested
  • The Electronic Box LVE 901 will be inspected and control-report of the set values ​​for signals to the dampers, valves and sensor is made
  • Test of the rechargeable battery back-up, which usually have a life span of about 5 years
  • Sounder tested by opening the hatch above the maximum mark on the fume cupboard, thereby the alarm is being triggered
  • Valves, dampers and motors will be inspected for mechanical defects
  • The air balance in the room is being checked by measuring the airflow direction and speed in the doorway, to the neutral area at minimum and maximum positions. The target is usually a slight negative pressure in the laboratory. The supply air flow is adjusted if necessary. in order to maintain the requirements for the pressure conditions in the laboratory
  • After exports of services – a service report on each cupboards is delivered

We are of course available for services and if you have questions or other wishes, you are welcome to contact us on mail or telephone.

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